Roof Repair in Fort Collins And The Surrounding Area

Damaged Roof?

We at Stonescape know that a complete re-roof isn’t always the most practical approach to your situation. A roof repair for your Fort Collins area home can be more affordable and make more sense to the problems you face, as well as extend the life of your roofing system. We are always advocates of helping homeowners in every way possible. With our free roof inspections, a consultant will come out to your home and assess your needs, giving you an honest conclusion of their findings with pictures of every detail. It is always a sigh of relief for us when a homeowner feels more at ease and we can help lift some weight off their shoulders.

Often a minor leak that was undetected can result in numerous issues on the interior of your home, leading to expensive mold mitigation and reconstruction. Catching this problem before it causes further damage is crucial. Roof penetrations and flashing are generally the main cause for concern. From vents, and pipe jacks to chimney and step flashing; there are a lot of sealed points that can weaken over time or were not properly installed. Our team of experts are always readily available to help find and solve your emergency roof repair issues here in Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

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Free Annual Roof Inspection

We recommend every homeowner undergo a free annual roof inspection for your Fort Collins area home, with no obligation. Having your roof inspected with no obligation is essential because it creates a stress-free environment and peace of mind knowing you are doing your due diligence to protect your asset. 

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The Inspection Process

A Stonescape inspection consists of checking the integrity of your asphalt, metal, or stone coated steel system first, ensuring there isn’t severe granule loss, wind damage, storm damage, and even pest intrusions. We then check all penetration points, from pipe jacks, and vents, to any exposed point where water can infiltrate the interior of your home. 

Over time the sealants around penetrations can wear down, becoming vulnerable. Along with penetrations, any flashing is a common point for water intrusion, we ensure there isn’t significant damage and all sealant is doing its job. Last but not least, we check all drip edges along with the gutters. We often find both being installed incorrectly, which can lead to another vulnerable point on your roof. The purpose of the entire roofing system is to shed water and guide it to the ground, having plugged up gutters or downspouts will cause the water to be misdirected and even seep underneath your shingles to the decking or even worse, the interior of your home.

Our hope is to give you the Stonescape Steel Roofing stamp of approval by the end of your roof inspection here in the Fort Collins area.

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Roof Tune-Up Package

Gutter Cleaning

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You will receive a complete gutter cleaning at the time and date of your choice. We generally recommend the Spring time or after the leaves fall if your property is dense with trees.

We often find that the lack of gutter cleaning can cause severe roof leak issues. Leaves and debris can pile up blocking proper drainage. This causes water to spill out the sides of the gutters and can allow water to seap under your roofing system.

Roof Inspection

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You will receive two inspections for your roof and gutters. We generally will conduct one at the end of winter and another at the end of summer and storm season. This benefit is great for keeping the fly by night roofing companies off your roof.

With a full scale inspection, there won't be an area of your roof or gutters that won't be addressed. We will check the overall condition of your roofing system, all flashing, roof penetrations and areas with sealant. The gutters will be checked for damage causing leaks, as well as sealant points.

Roof Repair

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You will receive up to $1,000 worth of roofing repairs if needed. Over time the harsh UV rays can deteriorate sealant points on your flashing, penetrations, and gutters. We will update all weak points to prevent potential roof leaks.

Included is minor repairs for missing or torn shingles. It is our goal to extend the life of your roofing system and give you a peace of mind in knowing it is in great shape.

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