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Increase The Life Of Your  property with Fort Collins Commercial Roof Repair

Addressing a roof leak early on can prevent extensive damage to the interior of your commercial property. 
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Common Commercial Roof Problems

Every roofing system is prone to general issues that can result in leaks. Find out what can cause a problem.

Lack of Maintenance

Commercial roofs require preventative maintenance to get every bit of life out of them. Harsh weather, UV rays, critters, and nature can cause issues that are undetectable until it is too late. Updating sealants and biannual inspections are important to ensure your roof is in great shape.

Improper Installation

Unfortunately not every roofing company holds a high standard when it comes to installation. Often the issues are not found until it is too late, or the company isn't around to honor their warranty. Having a company that holds a stand up warranty and provides quality workmanship can save you a headache.

Improper Repairs

We are often called to a commercial roof leak that was previously repaired. Upon an extensive inspection, we find that repairs were done poorly or improper materials were used to fix the issue. Do it yourself roof repair materials and inexperienced handymen can result in further issues.


Any puncture in a roofing system can be cause for alarm. From third-party companies dropping tools,  critters borrowing, to intense hail. Scheduled inspections along with a maintenance package will allow you to know you are protected.


Temperature changes can cause commercial roof systems to expand and contract. Over time this can cause the membrane/material to not return to its original condition. With the tension increasing, flashing and fasteners can be pulled out, tearing the system.

Standing Water

A commercial roof should drain properly. Debris from trees can plug gutters/drains or pile up on the roof causing ponding. With any imperfection in your commercial roof, ponding will magnify the issue. Poor roof design can cause certain areas to be prone to this issue.

Damaged Commercial Roof?

We know that replacing a commercial roof system can be costly. That is why we explore other options FIRST.

Commercial Repair You Can Count On

Roofs are exposed to intense UV rays, adverse weather, and inclement weather. Our first concern is always the condition of your property. As a business owner, your focus should be on the contents inside: the people and your valuables, and secondly your property. Allow one of our expert consultants to assess your roof's condition so you can have peace of mind or address any issues before they lead to further damage. We have a team of experienced service technicians that provide top-of-the-line roof repairs, backed by a workmanship warranty.
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Roof Coatings - 
The cost-effective alternative to replacement

Fort Collins roof Coatings are a less expensive way to increase the life of your roof and can include no dollar-limit warranties that will have your back if there should be an issue. Designed to help protect, commercial roof coatings for your Fort Collins or Front Range property have an elastic quality that allows them to expand and retract with your system. Minimizing the harsh UV exposure and improving your building's energy efficiency. When it comes to saving time, increasing longevity, reducing energy costs, and saving some money; commercial roof coatings are the way to go. No permits are needed and can qualify as a tax write-off.
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Commercial Roof Inspection Process

We understand that finding water damage on the interior of your property can make your head spin, where is this coming from? How much is this going to cost? That is why we recommend biannual commercial roofing inspections, whether adverse weather sweeps the area or not. Finding a problem early on can save a lot of money in the long run or you have the relief of knowing your roof is in great condition. Stonescape Steel Roofing offers free, no-obligation inspections to limit the stress you may face while going through the process. One of our consultants can check the overall condition of your system, the penetrations from pipe jacks to HVAC, any seams and flashing.  Contact us today to learn more about Fort Collins roof coatings, restoration, or repairs.

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What property Owners Are Saying About Stonescape Steel Roofing

  • I am a commercial building owner in Fort Collins, so when I was in the process of renovating my property this summer I was eager to use a local roofer.... read more

    Gloria Kapelle Avatar Gloria Kapelle
    September 8, 2021

    My entire experience with Stonescape was excellent. Stonescape was with me all the way through the process, from meeting with the insurance adjuster, getting more supplements from the insurance... read more

    Sara Standing Avatar Sara Standing
    June 8, 2021

    Stonescape Steel Roofing took care of every detail and followed through on everything they said they would do. Sean explained everything thoroughly to me, walked me through the process, never... read more

    Matthew Winheld Avatar Matthew Winheld
    February 8, 2021
  • I am happy with my experience with Stonescape, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have a roof installed. When compared to other roofers, their bid was the... read more

    Marco B Avatar Marco B
    February 8, 2021

    Had my roof replaced due to hail damage. Stonescape was great to work with from the initial inspection through the final installation, including working with my insurance company to make... read more

    Nick Char Ault Avatar Nick Char Ault
    February 8, 2021

    Stonescape Steel Roofing was wonderful to work with. During the March 2021 snowstorm, a large branch fell on our roof and punctured it in many places, and tore off... read more

    Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Avatar Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
    September 8, 2021

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