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Local Commercial Roofing

Stonescape Steel Roofing is based out of Fort Collins, CO, and Cheyenne, WY. Which makes for a quality local commercial roofing choice for your business. Stonescape has years of combined experience and expertise in every system imaginable, as a result, giving our clients top rated quality. We treat every roof as our own and strive to give you the best service possible because we know your building protects the assets inside.

Stonescape Steel Roofing is based out of Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY, which makes for a quality local commercial roofing choice for your business. Stonescape has years of combined commercial roofing experience and expertise in every system imaginable. We treat every roof as our own and strive to give you the best service possible, because we know your building protects the assets inside.

Expert Commercial Roofing Contractors

Firstly, with an educated array of experienced commercial roofers, we select only the best manufacturers to use in our roofing projects. As we have close relationships with vendors who share our goal of providing quality. Whether you have a flat roof, low slope, metal, or even asphalt shingles, we ensure that you get a high-quality commercial roofing system. Above all, backing your new roof with a 10-year workmanship warranty.

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Our Commercial Vendors

Versico Roofing Systems
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Commercial Roofing Systems


A budget-friendly flat roof system

TPO is an ideal choice for your flat commercial roofing systems. You will find a 15-30 year life expectancy and 15-25 year warranties. 100% recyclable with excellent reflectivity which leads to Energy Star and LEED credits. Contact us today for more information.


Durable "rubber" flat roof system

EPDM is known as the "rubber" flat commercial roofing system. Similar to TPO, it offers a 15-30 year life expectancy. Warranties can range from 5-20 years, with additional coverage that can be purchased. Contact us today for more information.


Class A fire rating system great
for restaurants

PVC is naturally fire retardant, making it ideal for commercial roofing on restaurants. 15-30 year life expectancy and up to 25 year warranties. This single ply membrane is known as a cool roof, which qualifies you for Energy Star and LEED credits. Contact Us for more information.


Ideal replacement for built up roofs

Modified Bitumen is a multi-ply membrane. Modified with SBS (elastomeric asphalt) or APP (plastic asphalt), which can accommodate your roofing needs in any climate. 10-25 year life expectancy with 2-20 year warranties. Contact us for more information.


A lasting option for sloped roof systems
Metal roofs are the top choice for commercial roofing when the roof is sloped. Ranging from stone coated steel, standing seam, PBR, Tufrib, and corrugated. There are an endless amounts of options when it comes to style and color. With life expectancy well over 30 years, these roofing systems are built to last. Contact us for more information.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Our knowledgeable consultants will always help you choose the most practical roofing solution for your property. As we understand that replacing a roof can be a costly expenditure. So we make sure that is a last resort, suggesting other options we see fit. Offering coating options, Stonescape can help extend the life of your commercial roof up to 10-20 years. No Dollar Limit Warranties can be added to protect you in any situation. In short, Roof coatings can be a fraction of the cost compared to a full replacement, with added protection along with a revamped curb appeal.

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Roofing repairs and maintenance packages

Your first concern is running your business, so allow us to worry about your commercial roof. Stonescape offers several commercial roof maintenance packages that include inspections, cleanings, repair work, and basic maintenance with sealing penetrations. Why wait until you find a leaky roof? We can help prevent issues before they surface and cause interior damage to your business.

Commercial Roofing Repair

Recent Commercial Work

Longs Peak Water District

Architectural asphalt shingles offer the heaviest weight and widest array of color options in their class, as a result, allowing you to create or re-create the ideal look for your home or business with confidence. Further Backed by a 100+ year legacy of trusted manufacturing performance, all Landmark shingles include CertainTeed’s industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty.

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Brighton Fire Department Station 74

Made with CertainTeed Modified Bitumen Roof System & CertainTeed Asphalt Landmark Shingle.
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Rocky Mountain Church

Metal roofing with sections of TPO flat roofing: one of the most popular metal roofing styles for churches with multi-level roofing, a true beauty, durability, longevity, simplicity, versatility, energy efficiency, and remarkably clean fresh bold look.

If you're looking for a modern style of metal seams and clean lines, consider installing this system on your church or commercial building. Contemporary look and feel, along with its unmatched durability, longevity, and energy efficiency.

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